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Lowndes County Logistics Spotlight

October 17, 2013

Logistics is one of Valdosta-Lowndes County’s most strategic industries and employs more than 1400 people in Lowndes County alone. Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flow of raw materials.

Heavy truck traffic may be frustrating for some motorists, but that’s money moving through the community on a daily basis. Truckers hauled more than $5.5 billion through Lowndes County in 2012.

The latest data from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, the leading statewide resource for fueling logistics industry growth and global competitiveness, indicates that Lowndes County witnessed more than 277,000 truck freight movements during 2012.

A little more than 139,000 inbound shipments delivered more than $4.1 billion in goods last year in Lowndes County, while more than 137,000 outbound deliveries sent more than $1.6 billion worth of goods to markets across Georgia and around the world, the center reported.

The Center of Innovation for Logistics reports that Lowndes County is home to 7 dedicated warehousing and distribution facilities, the largest of which is the Lowe’s facility with its 1.2 million square feet of space under two roofs. Dillard’s Department Stores is second, with 750,000 square feet of space. Home Depot has 550,000 square feet.

The Center’s report also shows that almost 14,600 rail trips brought $751 million worth of goods into Lowndes County, while 8,600 dedicated rail shipments left Lowndes County in 2012 with more than $506 million worth of goods.

Click here to view the Lowndes County Logistics Spotlight.

Lowndes County Logistics Spotlight

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