Business Retention Action Team

The Goal

Provide the necessary services, information, solutions and contacts to facilitate your company's success and growth. We also encourage business partnership with local schools, which in turn strengthens the community through career education and job placement of our local high school graduates.

We encourage you to contact any of our team to see how we can help your company. All information is kept confidential and is used solely to leverage our respective functions in supporting your company's overall goal.



Made up of individuals from 8 different community and state organizations who are committed to serving and strengthening our local businesses. Team members are:


Picture of Success

Team members act as change agents; assisting businesses; solving various operational and/or development issues; the end result being businesses satisfaction, retention, success and growth in the local economy.


Our Promise

We recognize our responsibilities as economic developers to solve specific problems associated with business programs and success, to spotlight the importance of our manufactures and distribution companies and to be committed to community development.


Actions We Take

  • Sharing information, ideas and recommendations consistently
  • Doing what is right for the company, the region, and Georgia
  • Adding value to the company; a measurement of our success
  • Striving for solutions that make change for the better
  • Solving issues in a timely manner so businesses can focus on business


For more information on BRAT, contact any team member listed above or call our office at 229.259.9972.


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