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Non-Municipal Utilities


The 1973 Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act established retail competition between electricity suppliers in Georgia.  This act enables customers with connected loads of 900 kilowatts or greater a choice of their electricity supplier.  This act also assigns exclusive power supply to areas throughout the state. 

There are exceptions to these assigned areas that give new customers the choice of their power suppliers.  These are as follows:

  • Connected loads of 900 KW or greater, at the time of initial full operation, excluding redundant equipment, located outside municipal limits, may be supplied by any supplier.

  • In areas annexed to a municipality after March 29, 1973, loads of 900 KW or greater may be served by any electric supplier owning lines in the municipality.

  • In a wholly new municipality, loads of 900 KW or greater are customer choice.

  • One supplier’s service line (below 120,000 volts) crossing another supplier’s assigned area creates “corridor rights”.

Customers within the corridor may be able to choose the supplier whose service line their facilities are near.  Corridors are established at 300 feet from the line to the customer’s premises inside city limits, and 500 feet outside city limits.


Electric Colquitt EMC                                                 Georgia Power

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Natural Gas

Atlanta Gas Light Company is the local service provider for natural gas infrastructure.  Georgia natural gas service providers are listed at www.psc.state.ga.us Information on the availability of service, including size of service lines and can be obtained by contacting Tami Gerke at tgerke@aglresources.com or (404)584-3873.


Several companies provide traditional local and long distance telephone, wireless, internet, broadband, and cable television services in Valdosta-Lowndes County.  For assistance you can contact:

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